Robert P. Naeye

Robert Naeye is an award-winning freelance journalist and former editor in chief of  Sky Telescope and 

Mercury magazines. He has authored two books and contributed to three others, including NASA’s official 50th Anniversary volume.


Bob has given more than 100 lectures all over the world, mostly about astronomy.


He has authored many hundreds of articles on astronomy and other topics and edited many hundreds of others. He also worked for NASA for 16 months at its Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland.


He currently lives just outside of Hershey, Pennsylvania, the town where he grew up. 


Bob lost his father, Dr. Richard Naeye, in 2013. He set up a website to showcase his father's stellar photos so that people can enjoy his stellar photography.

Bob is an avid amateur photographer and global traveler. He has created a website to showcase his photos.

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Robert Naeye at Meteor Crater, Arizona, 2015.

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How to Grow a Giant Black Hole:

The first supermassive black holes pose a cosmic mystery: They got too big, too fast

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Astronomy Presentation

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