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Robert P. Naeye


Bob got his start in science writing in 1990 as a graduate student in Boston University’s Program for Reporting on Science and Medicine. During the summer between his second and third semester he became Sky & Telescope’s first editorial intern, writing numerous news stories and contributing in many other areas. The internship proved so successful for both parties that he continued his internship into the fall and winter of 1991. S&T is based in Cambridge, Mass., not far from Harvard University.


After earning a master’s degree at the end of 1991, he next found employment as a researcher/reporter at Discover magazine in New York City, then owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. He wrote dozens of news stories on a wide variety of scientific topics and fact-checked feature-length articles written by some of the world’s finest scientists and science journalists. 


In early 1995 Bob applied for and landed an associate editor position at Astronomy magazine, based in the Milwaukee suburb of Waukesha, Wisconsin. This was a big jump in responsibility. Bob regularly wrote feature-length articles on a wide range of astronomical topics, including the discovery of the first planets orbiting normal stars other than the Sun. He also gained important experience in commissioning and editing feature articles. He worked at Astronomy for more than five years and authored two books.


Next, he accepted the position of editor in chief at Mercury, a bimonthly magazine published in San Francisco by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific. Bob had total editorial control over this venerable publication, but had almost no budget. He somehow managed to coax talented scientists and science writers to contribute articles for free. During this period, Bob became very active in the Bay Area amateur astronomy community, and frequently gave lectures to five different astronomy clubs. He also won a prestigious award for his writing and another for his public service.


After three very happy years in California, Bob returned to his roots, accepting a senior editor position at Sky & Telescope. There, Bob built upon his previous experiences by writing, commissioning, and editing stories on a wide range of astronomical topics. 


In early 2007 he moved to Greenbelt, Maryland, where he worked for 16 months as the Senior Science Writer for the Astrophysics Science Division at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. Bob wrote dozens of press releases, a press guide, a chapter for NASA’s 50th anniversary book, and other materials. He gained valuable experience working directly with Goddard’s community of scientists and engineers.


In June 2008, Bob’s ultimate professional dream came true when he accepted an offer from New Track Media to become editor in chief of Sky & Telescope. For the next six-and-a-half years he worked with S&T’s editorial, art, and production staffs, and the parent company, to maintain S&T’s lofty reputation for accuracy and quality during a very challenging period for the publishing industry. Working with his talented and dedicated colleagues, Bob helped S&T remain financially healthy by expanding its range of products, from a DVD archive to new planet globes to astronomy apps for mobile devices. 


Bob voluntarily left S&T in late 2014 to take some time off and to pursue a career in freelance writing. Two years later he moved to his current home just outside Hershey, Pa., the town where he grew up. He continues to write for Astronomy and S&T. But he also writes for three high-quality local publications: The Sun, The Burg, and 50plus Life. These three publications have enabled Bob to greatly expand his repertoire to include coverage of local news and politics, music, sports, beer, and Vietnam veterans.

Bob Naeye at Glacier Point, Yosemite National Park, 2002




  • Hershey Senior High School, 1981

  • Oberlin College, B.A., 1985

  • Boston University, M.S., 1991

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